Field Installation for Electrical and Instrumentation projects. Design and assembly service for PLC-DCS system cabinets, Marshalling cabinets, Operator control desk, LV Distribution and control panel.


Extensive experiences of our technicians in many of Project Installation Activities are the main key of our high quality of service.

Typically the Installation activity could be described as follow:

Those typical activities were applied in every construction phase, therefore our technicians would always have place in many projects and of course a competitive price would always be provided to meet our customers’ requirement.

In earlier stage of project we are able to provide hardware engineer for designing the System Cabinets, PLC Cabinets, Marshalling Cabinets, Operator Control Desk and Low Voltage Power Distribution Panel. Within this point we are able to provide a complete package of installation service starting from breaking down of materials, assembling work, internal testing, preparation of Factory Acceptance Test, field installation until assisting of Site Acceptance Test activity.